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Moving Tips

When should I begin planning to move?

Allow yourself 6-8 weeks to plan your move.

If you’re living in a rental property, you are required to give 60 days notice prior to your moving date.

If you’re living in a condominium or house, be sure to arrange your move 10-15 days prior to your closing date.

What should I bring to my new home?

Obtaining a floor plan of your new home can help you to determine what you can bring and what will fit into your new home.

When it comes to glass ware and additional linens, depending on the facility a set of 4-6 dishes is sufficient and depending on storage, 2 or 3 extra linen sets and towels will be enough.

Where will I place my furnishings?

It is important to be comfortable in your new home, however not too crowded. Making a list of furnishings that are necessary such as a bed set and living room seating will narrow down what won’t fit in the space. Renting a storage unit could be an alternative to place furnishing that wont fit, as well as the possibility of donating to local donation centres.

How do I plan on moving?

Packing can be overwhelming, tackling one room at a time starting with the rooms that aren’t used everyday can be helpful. Finding a mover that specializing in the needs of seniors is important to relieve the stress of the transition.

Prepare for the emotional side of moving.

Often times, moving is a new adventure however the transition can be challenging and emotional. Preparing for these emotions means first embracing them, they are a healthy part of settling into your new normal. If the emotions are too much, always talk to someone – family, friends, even your movers will listen and empathize with you.

Getting settled into your new home.

Once you’ve moved, spend some time getting settled into your new space. Go out to meet your neighbours and get to know the community. Unpack logically starting with items needed right away then continue a little at a time. Establish a routine, this can help make you feel at home especially adopting routines from your previous home to feel a sense of comfort.

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